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“Volfas Engelman” is a beer trademark that has deep historical roots – it’s first registration dates takes back to 1927 after the amalgamation of I.B. Volfas and Engelman breweries. It was revived in the independent Lithuania in 2008. That is the only beer trademark in Lithuania the name of which consists of the last names of two establishers of the brewery.

Flavours of the world

FLAVOURS OF THE WORLD - is the journey of Volfas Engelman through the lands of exclusive beer cognition which inspire by their history, the legend of appearance of one or other beer. The unexpected taste combinations found abroad and mastership of the brewers enables to recreate the recipes of PASAULIO SKONIAI beer of their own.


New beers are welcome as letters from faraway places. Each of them has an unheard story, an idea of delicious taste, inspired by traveling around the world. This is how the new BEER MAIL brand was born, and the postage stamp on each label is an indication of the country that is associated with particular beer type. New types of BEER MAIL are born in the Volfas Engelman micro brewery, called Studio. Later, the recipes that are appreciated by our customers the most, are transferred to large-scale production. Craft beer gives great freedom to packaging designers. When a team of designers gets a description of the taste and origin of a new beer, the most unexpected, surprising images are born in their heads. We only have to dive into the world of their fantasies and accept the creative-artistic expression of the label.


There are events which remain in the nation’s memory for ages. Grunwald battle is remembered both in history and is alive in the memory of the Lithuanian nation. 1410 is a beer created for the commemoration of the victory in Grunwald battle.


Legend is back! HORN - an outrageous beer that emphasizes the qualities of a REAL man who does not adapt to ever-changing standards, and a perception of what a real man is. Horn's man does not want to be the type that tabloid press describes, because he never foams without necessity.


Light ale of harmonious taste and pleasant aroma. A splendid choice of ale for the lovers of various taste and strength.


Lets a brewer produce a refreshing drink and he will produce it from ... beer. The result of the mastership of Volfas Engelman brewers is abundance of sorts of splendid beer, so it is natural that one of them has been used in the new Fassbrause characteristic of German traditions