“Volfas Engelman” – the most favourite beer trademark in Lithuania


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Among the 500 Lithuanian business leaders joint stock company /JSC/ “Volfas Engelman” during the previous year jumped to the 29th place, although it was in the 44th place in 2019. Besides the market research conducted in 2020 certifies – the trademark of “Volfas Engelman” in the industry of beer production is the most favourite.

Leadership and Recognition

The most favourite, advanced and most often bought among the Lithuanian beer trademarks. Such according to the data of the research of evaluation of beer trademarks is “Volfas Engelman”. There are more than 1.5 time consumers evaluating us favourably than the nearest competitors, and the ladies audience evaluates us even more favourably than the whole audience in general. Also, on the basis of research “Volfas Engelman” overtakes its competitors in accordance with the share of regular buyers and such criteria as the customers loyalty or the determination to pay for the products a higher price.

Wishing to prove it we are sharing the opinion of the surveyed ones about “Volfas Engelman”. At the same time, we are rejoicing that these achievements are the result of strong ties with consumers, longevous work and consistent attention to the product quality and exclusiveness. It is also the greatest compliment for further creation, improving and nurturing of the beer of which we are proud of.

The honour to be among the most outstanding

“We are proud that in Lithuania there are wonderful people which are doing great work. And it is even more important that this work was seen and properly evaluated. “Lithuanian Honour” is namely about it – extraordinary work of ordinary people is revealed to the society. It is a great honour for us to be among these most outstanding people.

The greatest value of “Volfas Engelman” which we follow in our everyday work is gentlemanship. And a true gentleman will always find a way to contribute to meaningful work. So, our support to the project is a natural and expected step.

We are convinced that the longevous work contributing to important cultural and social projects has given such a result. So, we go on continuing meaningful work.”

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Buisness tribune

“Volfas Engelman” does not Intend to Dispose the Title of the Most Favourite Trademark

Among the 500 Lithuanian business leaders joint stock company /JSC/ “Volfas Engelman” during the previous year jumped to the 29th place, although it was in the 44th place in 2019

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Delfi writes

Research has Revealed which Trademark of Lithuanian Beer is Evaluated the Most Favourably by the Consumers

The representative consumer poll performed by trademark research company “Supercrush” in which more than 1200 adult country citizens have participated indicates – among Lithuanian beer trademarks the country consumers give priority to “Volfas Engelman”.

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News portal tv3.lt

For the Commemoration of the Holiday of Restoration of Independence - National Awards “Lithuanian Honour”

Despite the challenges in 2020, Volfas Engelman AB's sales grew by 12.6% last year compared to 2019, reaching €55.5 million. At the same time, the company's market share in Lithuania and sales abroad grew by around 47%.

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You Do not Need an Occasion for Compliments

Do you often say compliments and do you hear them often? We hear and tell praises that you look well, have worked fine or are a wonderful friend still rarer than we should. However, we have decided to change this habit and for that purpose we have invited a real relations expert Mantas Bartusevicius which not only returns the charm of compliments, but also shares sincere advice.


For good taste!

The recognition that we are the most beloved is a compliment for us. This word of French origin means a congratulation and a wish. It is our sincere “Thank you” to you for choosing good taste. The traditions, mastership and sincerity which “Volfas Engelman” upholds. So thanking together with radio station M-1 we are sending a musical compliment for every one who chooses good taste.