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Non-alcoholic Johan Freitag cocktail

A non-alcoholic cocktail with real gin. Intended for summer but enjoyable at any time. Coming soon in refreshing grapefruit flavor! Cocktail recipe: pour the cocktail into a glass with ice, garnish with a slice of lime.


The non-alcoholic version of the most popular Mojito cocktail is now on the market. A refreshing, mint, and lime-flavored non-alcoholic cocktail suitable for all occasions. Before consumption, we recommend cooling the drink well or adding ice.
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Collectible sets

Treat your family, colleagues, clients, or friends with a gourmet collectible Volfas Engelman set during the holidays. They can be purchased online at www.vestudija.lt, and starting December, you can find them in the supermarkets at the BEER LETTERS stands.

Shop online!

As the holiday season approaches, we can shop in the comfort of our home to save some time. Volfas Engelman Studio online store offers a selection of exclusive drinks or even accessories that will make perfect gifts for your friends or colleagues!

Octoberfest friday

On the last Friday of September, the Volfas Engelman Studio invites all of the friends, fond of good beer and great food, to celebrate OKTOBERFEST FRIDAY. During the celebration, you can enjoy two different types of shanks, bratwurst-style sausages and a delicious fried chicken!

Brewers' Day 2020

On July 18, the Brewers' Day, which has become a tradition was celebrated in Kaunas and Volfas Engelman entertained its guests with an exclusive program. Non-alcoholic beer, being poured right out of the outdoor advertising column in the city center, a celebration in the brewery's courtyard, and a virtual tasting, which was watched by more than 130 thousand people, including well-known Lithuanian entertainment and business representatives, received a lot of attention.

Opening of the Studio Terrace

Longing for you and live meetings, we are announcing the opening of the Volfas Engelman Studio Terrace: see you on May 22nd!

Virtually But Realistically

Longing for tours and tastings with you, we decided not to wait for the end of the quarantine and to invite you to visit the Studio virtually! We broadcast a live tour of the mini-brewery, as well as a tasting with our brewers, and you can join us in the comfort of your home. Your feedback has been very positive, so we promise to repeat this tour.

The Etiquette of Our Times

Safer with a foil lid. From now on, all Volfas Engelman cans will be covered with a foil lid! To protect your health, we have decided to take additional measures to ensure that no dirt or viruses get on the lid until you have peeled off the foil. This protects the top of the can from coming into contact with the environment.
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It’s historical because all the beer during the interwar period was unfiltered. It’s upside down because that way the yeast spreads and enriches the taste of beer. From now on, BEER THAT TURNED THE HISTORY UPSIDE DOWN in stores will be placed upside down.
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Black and Dessert

Women invite men for drinks. Men invite women for desserts. The Valentine’s Day event for new experiences and tastes. Tasting, drinks and a surprise. Let's celebrate Valentine's Day together!

Studio Birthday

The Volfas Engelman Studio celebrates its second birthday. We invite all our friends to celebrate a beautiful occasion together. We will present our new products created in the Studio. Our friend Robertas Rėklaitis will serve oysters. The CEO of Volfas Engelman, Marius Horbačauskas, will greet the guests from being behind the bar.

Grill Feast for the Closing of Terrace

The Volfas Engelman Studio invites you to the closing of the summer season! Let’s meet this year for the last time to try exclusive snacks and drinks outdoors!

Brewers' Day 2020

The brewery Volfas Engelman, which cherishes the tradition of celebrating the International Brewers' Day in Kaunas, entertained the city residents and its guests even more than the previous year with an impressive theatrical march, a presentation of an art project, a fire show, and a lot of entertainment. We were up until late at night with the group Antikvariniai Kašpirovskio Dantys.

The Studio Terrace Has Been Opened

On the first weekend of May, the Volfas Engelman Studio Terrace was opened with the Colombian rhythms played by Jurgis Didžiulis.
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New Addition to the Tastes of the World Series

The idea for this beer was gotten in the United States. Wheat IPA was created at the brewery competence center — Volfas Engelman Studio — and is highly enjoyed by visitors of the Studio.
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The Non-Alcoholic Line Welcomes a Dark Beer to its Ranks

The fans of Volfas Engelman production were eagerly awaiting a dark non-alcoholic beer. The brewers put a lot of effort and time into improving the taste until the result lived up to expectations.
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Radler with Mango Juice

In addition to the beloved flavors of orange and peach, we present our new Radler with Mango Juice created for summer!
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New flavors of the Galaxy

Volfas Engelman GALAXY of urban design has been enriched with new flavors. Light but expressive beer of special technology — amber and mahogany Dark Ale.

Designed by Volfas Engelman Studio

New kinds of beer are as expected as letters from far far away. Each of them carries a unique story, a different taste, inspired by travels around the world. This is how the new brand Beer Letters was born. The new flavors are first tested at the Volfas Engelman Studio, and the most successful ones are transferred to the main factory. Beer Letters in a 0.75l glass bottle is the latest product of this season.
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We Ended the Summer with a Bang

This year we played a lot of good music at the Volfas Engelman Studio and we have prepared a real BOMB for the end of the summer! Have you been to a festival that takes place at a brewery? The festival Volfas Engelman City Fest'18 will feature Jazzu, Lilas and Innomine, Miss Sheep, Flash Voyage.

The Studio Terrace Awaits for the New Season

Throughout the summer, the Volfas Engelman Studio Terrace hosted a lot of events featuring exceptional, high-quality music. The concert cycle ended at the end of August with the band Jazz Island. However, this does not mean that the entertainment ends: with the temperature dropping, the events move inside the Studio. Stay tuned!

The Brewers' Day Was Celebrated in Kaunas for the First Time

The International Brewers' Day, taking place on July 18 was also celebrated in Kaunas this year: Volfas Engelman organized a festival, which will now be held every year in the city.

The Volfas Engelman Studio Opened an Outdoor Terrace

A cozy summer terrace has been opened next to the Volfas Engelman brewery in Kaunas. Various concerts will take place here on summer weekends. The group Saulės kliošas organized a free concert and performed for the residents and guests of Kaunas during the opening of the terrace.
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Volfas Engelman Hop Schnapps

The result of the unique production is a strong alcoholic beverage belonging to the Bierbrand category, which retains a slight taste of fruit and the aroma of hops.

Volfas Engelman Fassbrause

Made by brewers, but not a beer. Fassbrause is a new refreshing German drink made of non-alcoholic beer and fruit juice.

Volfas Engelman Celebrates an Anniversary of 165 Years!

To celebrate the anniversary, Volfas Engelman has prepared an impressive event program, which was well enjoyed by a group of distinguished guests.
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Volfas Engelman Non-alcoholic

The non-alcoholic Volfas Engelman collection received a new addition – a non-alcoholic KRIEK.

Volfas Engelman Anniversary Beer

NEW! For the occasion of the 165th anniversary, a new Volfas Engelman beer in a recreated historical bottle.
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Tastes of the World: CREAM ALE

NEW! The recipe for this ale was born and tested at Volfas Engelman Studio.
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Volfas Engelman Radlers

The new Volfas Engelman Radlers are now available to purchase. Fresh and expressive taste with orange or peach juice.

Opening of the Studio

The new Volfas Engelman Studio invites you to experience the process of flavor creation.
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Matured in Oak Caribbean

NEW! The beer was matured in oak barrels which used to store Jamaican rum. Limited edition of 2017.
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Cherry KRIEK

Belgian type cherry KRIEK is another new addition to the FLAVORS OF THE WORLD collection, inspired by travels around Western Europe.
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Australian Pale Ale

The desire to create something new and exclusive has led to the search for special ingredients.
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A True Bavarian Pilsner

The Bavarian nature of pilsner is purely right, thanks to its German creator Josef Groll.
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Delikatus mili is a new light “helles” type ale distinguishing from the others by transparency and delicate richness of hops.
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A non-alcoholic cocktail with real gin. Intended for summer but enjoyable at any time. Coming soon in refreshing grapefruit flavor! Cocktail recipe: pour the cocktail into a glass with ice, garnish with a slice of lime.