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„Volfas Engelman Studio“ in Vilnius!

„Volfas Engelman Studio“ in Vilnius!

„Volfas Engelman Studio“ in Vilnius!

The night Vilnius hive which has splendidly disgorged into the constantly boiling capital Old City life meets September with the first such project in the whole country. Soon “Volfas Engelman Studio” will open its door here which both will open a new space for tastes improvisations and education and will contribute to the prevention of psychoactive substances and reduction of damage and the whole profit of the bar will be allocated to the financing of non-governmental organizations working with prevention, damage reduction, social and cultural issues.

Creative attitude towards beer.

According to the Director General of “Volfas Engelman” Marius Horbacauskas in this studio it will be possible to try new tastes and to learn more about beer culture. It is not a secret that “Volfas Engelman” is famous for exclusive formulations and always creates something new from the four essential beer ingredients – water, malt, hops and yeast.

„Everybody who has seen the process of production of beer acknowledges that it is as if a song when one works with a limited number of notes. Only in this case most often the work takes place only with four ingredients. So I can only confirm that beer production is real creation in which everybody can find what one likes”, - M. Horbacauskas said.

The Director General of “Volfas Engelman” said that people are especially interested in the brewery process, history and the very culture, quite often such questions are put to barmen, so “Volfas Engelman Studio” will become a place where people will be able to learn about all these processes more and try the most various formulations.