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About Gallery

A Unique Event Space

A Unique Event Space

"Volfas Engelman" Gallery - one of the most recent spaces that we have created and presented for visitors. This particular area was opened in a spring of 2023, meeting our 170 years anniversary. The main goal was to create a new and unique cultural space in the heart of town. Gladly, now we can invite both, companies and individuals to celebrate their official or personal festivals, to meet for concerts, educational or tasting events.

We value the location we have and do hope that this phenomenal space gifted with exceptional view of Kaunas will become a place for getting knowledge of drinks culture along with gathering spot for events.

Interior solutions of the Gallery - exceptional as well as the space itself. Depending on the lighting or event's theme, the exclusivity of it can be easily integrated creating additional value to the event.

Drawings on the wall attract the eye and add playfulness, and the wall of glass bottles with the logo brings uniqueness and elegance, becoming the most attractive photo wall during evening events.

Exceptional interior

The drawing on the wall reflects historical trace and elements including the old logos of the beer factory, combining them with pieces from nowadays. it was made for "Volfas Engelman" 170 year anniversary willing to combine both, the history and a promise to follow the traditions, keeping and making this particular area important piece of Kaunas town.
One step at the time - at the moment, the roof terrace is being installed inviting town residents and guests to savor delicious drinks while enjoying an incredible view of Kaunas life.

Our previously opened space "Volfas Engelman Studija", which is operating for some time already is well known as unique bar and beer brewer at the same time. It gathers quite a number of people, looking for exceptional experience or different kind of tasting events. This new area called "Gallery" is like an extension of the studio and its idea.

Exceptional interior
Invitation to organize

Invitation to organize

"The brewery is not only for brewers, it is also a space for communication and conversations. Therefore, we try to have spaces where the public members can come. The studio is really popular, but we can no longer accommodate all the flow of all the people willing to be a part of this community. So we naturally looked for a place where we could gather more people", said M. Horbačauskas, CEO of "Wolfas Engelman".

In this space, we not only organize our own events, beer and food tasting dinners, themed events. We also invite others to organize company's events or celebrations, award or prize giving ceremonies and other kind of themed corporate or personal gatherings.


300 square meters space with panoramic view of Kaunas: 150 seating places or 300 standing places; on the roof - terrace, next to the building - parking spots.
We can provide everything you need: food and beverages; sound and enlightenment along with all needed multimedia items; also, we can arrange photograph and filming services; we can take care of any other questions and issues you might have that are essential for your event.

Tjis space is so unique, and, at the same time, suitable for events of different formats:

• Corporate celebrations;
• Conferences, seminars, teaching courses;
• Concerts and other kind of cultural events;
• Drinks tastings or tasting dinners;
• Personal holidays and celebrations;
• Business lunches or dinners;
• Product presentations or even for episodes filming;

Have any questions or you want to make a reservation?
Do not hesitate to contact by phone: +370 616 36741 or over an email: studija@volfasengelman.lt;